CWBi Acorn Secondary School Curriculum

Adopt the CWBi Acorn national welding program in your Canadian Secondary School


The CWA Foundation has partnered with CWBi to provide the Acorn high school curriculum to all secondary schools within Canada at no cost to them.

By providing this curriculum to secondary schools, all welding programs within the secondary school level will become standardize. This will improve the level of education students receive in high school and also better prepare them for their future in welding at a post-secondary or apprenticeship level.

Whether you are completing the application for an entire school board, or one single school, you will find these forms provide easy access to the CWBi Acorn content.

Please complete both forms, AP1.F and AP2.F. When applying on behalf of a school board, please complete ONE AP1.F form and ONE AP2.F form PER school applying for the content.

Form AP1.F - Acorn High School Provider Application